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My new favorite company: values of n

Posted in I Want Sandy, Jott, Stikkit, Twitter by jquig99 on December 2, 2007

values of n

I love falling in love with a company. Someone that gets how to add value to my live and actually cares about integrating into my workflow. 37Signals is one of those companies (and is the bar that everyone is measured against) and now I’ve found values of n.

Values of n is based out of Oregon and has two (at least today) products – Stikkit and I Want Sandy.

Stikkit, “little yellow notes that think”, turns the traditional sticky note on it’s head. You can use Stikkit to:

Plan a Meeting
Share/Comment on Ideas
Plan a Trip

This is the jumping-off point to adapt Stikkit to your own workflow. Stikkit gives support through it’s forums

Values of n’s other product is an online personal assistant, I Want Sandy. Sandy keeps you organized through your email, text messages and integrating into existing workflows and programs such as Twitter and Jott.


I’ve been using Sandy for over a week and it’s just been really easy to adapt into my everyday system. I can use the website, call Jott or email any to-dos, appointments, notes as well as add contacts and bookmarks.

It’s a lot of fun, too!

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Different Ways to Update Blogs

Posted in 30Boxes, FlipCamera, GTD, Jott, productivity, Video by jquig99 on October 14, 2007

I’m starting to look at different ways to update my blogs. As I my professional life gets more intense, I need ways of updating my web presence that easily integrates into my workflow.

A new medium that I’m experimenting in is video. Last weekend I bought a FlipCamera Ultra. It’s a really small camcorder that can fit into my bag that I can use to do video blog updates on the fly, short interviews and conference transcriptions. And a built-in USB connector and software makes uploading a snap. I’ve been carrying it everywhere and working on how best to use it. I love working in this new medium and I think it’s going to make my updates easier and more frequent.

I’m working on my closeup!

The other thing that is making things much easier is Jott. Since I started using it, Jott has made thing much easier.

Using Jott, I:

– Update my blogs
– Update Twitter
– Create Groups to update many people at once
– Send Jotts to individuals
– Update my 30Boxes calendar
– Update Jott from my desktop.
– Creating reminders and tasks across Folders

I Jott to myself, I Jott to my friends, I Jott to my collegues, I Jott to my blogs. I’m seeing more and more people in my network Jott-ing. Brian Solis at PR 2.0 just wrote a thoughtful post on how Jott impacts his productivity. Glad to see he’s Jott-ing instead of texting-while-driving!

These are two of the services/products I’m using to help me Get Things Done. I’m looking to forward to tracking how these continue to adapt to my workflow.

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