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TaskPaper 2.0 Released

Posted in Getting Things Done, GTD, Online Productivity, productivity by jquig99 on December 1, 2008

One of the most popular posts of 2008 on this blog was the one I wrote on TaskPaper in February. So I was excited when I was notified by a comment here that TaskPaper 2.0 was out.

What I love about TaskPaper is that it’s a truly simple application that lets you get things done and out of the way quickly (and without a lot o “system”). It also is formatted in text, so any text editor on any platform can be used to edit these lists.

From the Website

From the Website

New in TaskPaper 2.0:

* Themes
* Search
* Quick Entry Window
* Feels a lot faster!

I’ve used the new version for most of this week and found it extremely easy to fit into my workflow. As a GTDgirl – I love the themes, even though I use the basic look and feel (to keep distractions at bay).

Take a look at this screencast for an overview of how TaskPaper works.

Hog Bay Software has done a great job with this upgrade on a terrific application. The developers are also incredibly responsive on support issues. All in all – well worth $29.95!

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David Allen’s – New Huffington Post Blogger!

Posted in David Allen, Getting Things Done, GTD, The Huffington Post by jquig99 on September 18, 2007

David Allen: Getting Things Done – Living Now on The Huffington Post

David Allen, Father of Getting Things Done, now has a reoccurring gig on The Huffington Post! In today’s post, he goes over the why’s and the benefits of GTD. A beginner’s primer.


(Via Robert Scoble’s Link Blog.)

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