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GTD on VoodooPad!

Posted in Flying Meat, GTD, Gus Mueller, VoodooPad by jquig99 on August 21, 2007

Getting Things Done in VoodooPad at

Gus Mueller (of Flying Meat, Inc.) is a Apple software developer for whom I have a lot of respect. My favorite application of his, VoodooPad (I have the Pro version), is an application where you can dump – well, everything. To say that it’s a Wiki developer is one (small) piece of the picture. Go here to see all the other features and view the extremely helpful screencasts.

Today on his blog, Gus pointed to a link discussing GTD with VoodooPad. In this post, Chris discusses his GTD system and includes a lua script to use with VoodooPad.

I can’t wait to test this out this weekend.

(Via Gus Mueller’s Blog.)