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Actiontastic screenshots

Posted in Actiontastic, Apple, GTD, Software by jquig99 on March 4, 2007

I’m enjoying my experience with Actiontastic. Here are some screenshots of my process – feel free to comment with any questions.
First the Inbox – this is where I dump everything I need to get done:

Second: This is how I process the Inbox: daily – 1st thing, noon and before I leave for home.
Inbox processing

Third: The Projects Window:
The Projects window

Last (For now): The Contexts Screen:
The contexts window


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Posted in Actiontastic, GTD, Software by jquig99 on March 4, 2007

Actiontastic is a beta application that is a beautifully clean GTD application. In a market where much of the competition is feature/interface bloated, Actiontastic brings a refreshingly simple take on GTD.

> Clean interface
> Comes with preloaded contexts
> Syncs with iCal
> Smart-text Quicksilver integration
> The developer is accessible and really pays attention to comments/requests
> Integration with and MailTags

I’ve been using this app for a few months and have really b een impressed. It seems to flow easily and lets me work without concentrating on the actual process. Perfect. The new smart text QS upgrade/MailTags integration has taken this app up to another level.

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