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Event Maker 0.4 – Quickly adds To Dos/Events to Calendars

Posted in Event Maker, GTD, MailTags, Quicksilver, Software by jquig99 on March 11, 2007

Event Maker 0.4 is an application that I use when I have to quickly create a new event, either from a phone call or an event from an email message (one that doesn’t include an invitation). Using a trigger that I created in Quicksilver, I’m able to call up Event Maker and fill in the fields. I know that there are ways of using the Quicksilver text “send to…” functionality, but I still haven’t mastered all that QS has to offer.

Event Maker makes it easy to compose and add to iCal both To Dos and Events in seconds. I have a tendency to use this less in creating Events/To Dos from my email as a recently added feature in MailTags allows me to do these right from my MTs pane. Still – this app is a great to have as part of my GTD process.

Mike Abdullah’s Event Maker is available from MacUpdate.

Below are screenshots of Event Maker in action:

Event Maker’s Opening Screen

To Do Screen

Alarm Menu

Last screen


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