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What I love about the OmniGroup

Posted in Beta, GTD, OmniFocus, OmniGroup, productivity, Quicksilver by jquig99 on May 17, 2007

I beta test a lot of software and services. Most just assume that people know how to write up a bug or crash report. People don’t. Yesterday, the OmniGroup’s blog (The OmniMouth), posted exact directions, in light of the first beta build of OmniFocus, a detailed how-to.

It got me going – I couldn’t wait to participate. Oh well. So far, no crashes, no bugs. I’m backing up my database each day, with no need (so far – but I live in hope!).

What I’ve done so far – put in all of my projects and set my contexts. I’ve dumped everything in my Inbox, processed, assigned tasks and published to iCal. I’ve used the “Quick Entry” box, but haven’t tried the Quicksilver action yet. I’m also getting used to the keyboard shortcuts.

I have to say – I’m loving this app. It’s intuitive and simple. Great first few days.

What’s next is figuring out how to work with my email.


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  1. mike said, on May 19, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    wow…..i can’t wait to get my hands on it……still waiting for the beta invite….please post some screenshots, i’d love to see them.

  2. Gordon R. Vaughan said, on May 20, 2007 at 10:06 pm

    That’s encouraging, since I’m planning to buy at least one of Omni’s products (Outliner) soon as a replacement for More, just about my last tie to Classic mode. I’ve read a lot about Graffle and now Focus, too, so I want to check into them as well.

    One of the first things I noticed about Microsoft way back in 1980 when I began buying their software was how their documentation was just clearly superior and much more professional than that of other micro computer s/w vendors. I’m sure that had a significant impact on IBM’s decision to go with them.

    Omni seems to have something going for them, too, at this point. At least they’re on a steady development path, so maybe it would be a good time to check them out. Thanks for your post and the link to their blog. I wasn’t aware of it.

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