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Yojimbo – An Awesome Personal Information Manager (PIM)

I’ve tried a number of Personal Infromation Managers (PIMs) – Journler, DevonThink Pro among them – and have donated or bought them. I had tried Yojimbo before, but had decided on a different option. Now I’m back.

Yojimbo collects and organizes all of my documents, serial numbers, PDFs, web archives and passwords. It takes pretty much anything I want to put in it.

Yojimbo features (from website)
* Effortless to install, learn and use
* Reliable and secure—it’s built using core Mac OS X technologies
* Store almost anything in Yojimbo—text, rich text, images, PDFs, even serial numbers and passwords
* Location independent access—use .Mac Sync Services and enjoy the same Yojimbo satori at home and at the office
* Organize your information any way that suits your style, from “everything in one spot” to “organized to the extreme”
* Instant Spotlight search
* Sync notes via The Missing Sync 3.0 for Windows Mobile

I’ve switched back for a number of reasons. One – I love the ease and the interface (the different entry points: the easy input field, bookmarklet and the Drop Desk). It’s a real Mac look and feel app. Two – it has an active forum community. Three – the ease of encription – you see nothing I don’t want you too.

I can organize, tag and create smart folders – all about GTD!

I just feel very much at home.


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  1. Patrick Rhone said, on August 8, 2007 at 11:02 pm

    As you may know, I have also done the same search and always come back to Yojimbo. I even recently took a couple of hours to make sure everything was properly tagged and organized by smart collections so now it is perfect for my use and easy to find things. It truly is one of my favorite programs on the Mac.

    The only regret I have is that Bare Bones has not updated it in a while. I have no doubt that they will as they are a very reputable company but, jeepers the wait is making me anxious.

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