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To Tag or Not to Tag?

Becoming a tagging kung-fu master | 43 Folders

I have become obsessed with tagging. Well, maybe not obsessed, but it’s becoming important to consistently tag across my applications and services. Which is why this article grabbed my attention.

List of Apps/Services I use tags:
– My WordPress Blog
– My Typeface Blog
My Ning
Journler (MailTags)
DevonThink Pro
– etc.

So I’m starting to develop a list of tags (and the consistent format) that I’ll use across formats. While I refuse to keep a Sticky Note(s) – I’ll figure out a easily accessible file that I can open quickly (sounds like a QuickSilver trigger!).

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Merlin & the OmniNerds coming to Tekserve in NYC | 43 Folders

Posted in 43Folders, GTD, MerlinMann, OmniFocus, OmniGroup, productivity by jquig99 on September 13, 2007

Merlin & the OmniNerds coming to Tekserve in NYC | 43 Folders

I’m bitter. I’ve been waiting for this presentation all summer and of course, NOW I can’t go. So someone please go and report back. Merlin Mann! Ethan Schoonover and Ken Case, all talking about OmniFocus.

I’ve been using OF since May and love it. And the team is dedicated, supportive and so responsive whenever I report anything. And the updates are constant and really move the product forward.

(Via 43 Folders.)

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Merlin Mann on Inbox Zero

Posted in 43Folders, GTD, MerlinMann, productivity by jquig99 on July 30, 2007

I was able to watch Merlin Mann’s presentation at a Google Tech Talk from Last week (7.23.07). At Inbox Zero, you can download the actual presentation, watch the video of his actual talk, as well as the article that make up the series.

This is a great resource to keep going back to and refining you own GTD process. I review these every couple of months for a refresher (and a reminder – my email habits can go downhill fast!). I’m going to share this presentation and video with a couple of my GTD-minded co-workers.

BTW – if you’re on Facebook, join the Merlin Mann Fan Club!

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