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The Twitter Debate

Posted in Online Productivity, Social Networking, Twitter by jquig99 on March 19, 2007

I’ve been on Twitter for a few months now and am really enjoying it. It’s a different kind of social networking app that has you answering (and texting, posting, etc.) the answer to the question “What are you doing right now?”. I have found it a great resource in finding like-minded people in the Apple and GTD set. A lot of people find it a great waste of time.

Earlier this week, Mat Balez wrote a post predicting Twitter’s “imminent supernova-like implosion”. I think that that’s a bit premature. Twitter’s had a HUGE growth spurt in the last few months and I feel it will continue as it penetrates past the early-adopter stage.

I’m also looking for ways to apply Twitter to my professional life. This post, from Web Worker Daily is a great start.


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