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Jott: How to GTD through your Phone

Posted in 30Boxes, GTD, Jaiku, Jott, nano-blogging, productivity, Social Networking, Twitter by jquig99 on September 4, 2007

Talk about GTD – Jott is a service that you can call in todos, reminders and more, as well as organizing them online.

I’ve been trying to incorporate Jott into my routine for the last couple of weeks (with less success than I’d like – my fault). But I have a feeling that’s all in the past.

New Features: (from the website)

Jott Links: Now you can update your blog, Twitter™, add to your 30 boxes™ to do list or send a message through Yahoo Groups™ – all with Jott! For example, when Jott asks you “Who do want to Jott” just say “Twitter”, speak your message and your update will appear in text on Twitter.

Twitter™, Jaiku™, Zillow™, 30 boxes™, Blogger™, Word Press™, Live Journal™, TypePad™ and Yahoo Groups™ are all accessible with Jott.

Jott Folders: With Jott Folders you create preset categories for your Jotts to self. Set up folders for family, expenses, to-do list, or anything that you want. Then simply say the name of the folder the next time you leave a Jott and it’ll be waiting for you in that folder at

Jott Reminders: With the new Jott Reminders, Jott can remind you of important events 15 minutes before they start. Just say “Reminder” and Jott will ask you for the date, time, and subject. Now you can stop worrying about remembering those important appointments in your busy life.

Profiles: Want to personalize your Jotts? Just create a profile to add your customized signature to the end of every Jott. You can include your name, picture, e-mail, title, and more.

Status alerts: Now you can update your mood on your blog, personal home page or other sites. Say “status” when asked “Who do you want to Jott?” and say how you feel that day. Your status will then be posted to the Jott flash widget wherever you put it.

There’s also a Jott Lab with new fun widgets and desktop apps.

This looks like it just got a whole lot easier to integrate into my system/routine (and a whole lot more fun!).


Posted in, Online Productivity, Social Networking by jquig99 on July 31, 2007

Thanks to Pownce, I was introduced to today. It’s a social network for productivity geeks! I was so excited – still am (if anyone wants to pass alomng an invite…) – only to find that the development team behind it seems to have gone their separate ways in the last couple of weeks.

Would love to hear any experience on this platform, or/any any updates. maybe someone else can take it on ?

Invites? Updates? Bueller??
(Crossposted to Social Days)

Update: I did receive an invite (Thanks, Kristi!) and have been making my way around. It’s an exciting collaborative tool – someone should really pick it up and run with it if it’s been abandoned.

New blog…Social Days

Posted in Blogroll, productivity, Social Days, Social Networking, Twitter by jquig99 on July 23, 2007

I’ve decided that I’m posting about Twitter and Social Networking here too frequently, which is not really what this blog was created for. So I started Social Days, which will discuss my social networking experience. Setting Contexts will continue to focus on David Allen’s GTD system and my evolving adaption of it (as well as the tools that contribute to my system).

Anyway – how productive is Social Networking, anyway?

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The Twitter Debate

Posted in Online Productivity, Social Networking, Twitter by jquig99 on March 19, 2007

I’ve been on Twitter for a few months now and am really enjoying it. It’s a different kind of social networking app that has you answering (and texting, posting, etc.) the answer to the question “What are you doing right now?”. I have found it a great resource in finding like-minded people in the Apple and GTD set. A lot of people find it a great waste of time.

Earlier this week, Mat Balez wrote a post predicting Twitter’s “imminent supernova-like implosion”. I think that that’s a bit premature. Twitter’s had a HUGE growth spurt in the last few months and I feel it will continue as it penetrates past the early-adopter stage.

I’m also looking for ways to apply Twitter to my professional life. This post, from Web Worker Daily is a great start.

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